Soledad van Eijk
Business Developer CCUS and Industrial Heat, TNO

Soledad van Eijk is a Business Developer with a drive to make an impact on the way we use energy. She does this at the Energy Transition unit of TNO, the applied research organization of the Netherlands. As a Business Developer she is responsible for dissemination and finding partners and projects for the technologies that are being developed by TNO and that will help realizing a carbon neutral industry. One of the routes which is of great importance for this are the Industrial Heat Technologies that TNO is developing, both industrial heat pumps and heat storage for temperature above 100 C are part of this portfolio.
She has a chemical background and from the beginning has been working in the field of the energy transition. First as a researcher on CO2 capture technologies and later also as a project leader for a Future Study Company. Looking into different scenarios for the energy transition, and more specific how technology will impact these scenarios.