On Wednesday, 29 September we will celebrate together with a Gala dinner at Gare Maritime, in Brussels. Participation is open to all participants.
Let’s come together, inspire and drive the change!
Green heat recovery: Reinforcing Europe’s industrial and energy transition leadership
What is needed today to achieve 50 million heat pumps by 2030?
This year, the experiences and achievements of the heat pump industry are given well-deserved recognition on our agenda. Celebrate with us our present, let yourself get inspired for the future, get ready for sharing your ideas and expanding your horizons. A 100% renewable society is possible with heat pumps!
Do we have the right framework conditions for a quick implementation of the European Green Deal?​ What is the impact of digitalisation and new business models?​ Can cities accelerate the development?​  Which innovation do we still need on the technology level?​ Which strategy, structure and action will ensure a market framework suitable for heat pump mass deployment in Europe?


  • 29 Sep
  • 6 Oct
09:20 -10:00 0:40min

Welcome coffee

10:00 -10:10 0:10min

Introduction and welcome

Format: Keynote
Speakers: Thomas Nowak
10:10 -10:30 0:20min

Opening: Green heat recovery: Reinforcing Europe’s industrial and energy transition leadership

Format: Keynote
Speakers: Dan Caesar
10:30 -11:25 0:55min

The new energy market design: why carbon pricing matters

11:25 -12:00 0:35min

The need for a strong EU heat pump industry for a fast energy transition

12:00 -13:30 1:30min

Business lunch break ​& EHPA Projects showreel

13:30 -14:20 0:50min

The value of digital innovation in the heating business

14:20 -15:10 0:50min

The power of global-local connection:  decarbonisation  of cities

15:10 -16:00 0:50min

The remarkable versatility of (hybrid) heat pumps: adding value to our customers

16:00 -16:30 0:30min

Coffee break & EHPA Projects showreel

16:30 -17:15 0:45min

A new industrial strategy for Europe: co-creating with large and industrial heat pumps

17:15 -17:45 0:30min

The new language for heat pumps: a marketing perspective 

17:45 -18:00 0:15min

Transition time to food court & EHPA Projects showreel

18:00 -18:40 0:40min

The Heat Pump AwardAperitif

Format: Award ceremony
19:00 -21:00 2h

Gala Dinner and 21st birthday party of EHPA


10:00 -10:20 0:20min

Welcome speech

10:20 -10:50 0:30min

REWARDheat Project presentation

Format: On stage discussion
10:50 -11:05 0:15min

SunHorizon Presentation


Format: On stage discussion
11:30 -11:20 0:10min

SecRHC project presentation

Format: On stage discussion
11:20 -11:40 0:20min

Panel discussion

Format: On stage discussion
11:40 -11:45 0:5min

End of the event and next project events

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