On Wednesday, 27 May we will celebrate EHPA’s 20th anniversary with a Gala dinner at Event Lounge. Participation is open to all participants.
Let’s enjoy it together!
XX Anniversary

To start our journey to the future, we must remember every challenge we thought unachievable in the last 20 years, and that now is a reality. To look forward, we must celebrate our today’s accomplishments, because they are proof that whatever we imagine now can be our reality in the next 20 years.

This year, the experiences and the achievements where our past meets our future are given the well-deserved recognition in our agenda. Celebrate with us our present, let yourself get inspired for the future, get ready for sharing your ideas and expanding your horizons.

  • 20 May
  • 27 May
09:30 -10:00 0:30min

Welcome coffee test

10:00 -10:10 0:10min

Past-proof stories for a future-proof present: 20 years of ambition

Format: Keynote
10:10 -10:40 0:30min

Stories for a sustainable future


Format: Keynote
10:40 -11:10 0:30min

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11:10 -11:40 0:30min

Coffee break

11:40 -12:20 0:40min

How to support green behaviours: The irrational economic decision maker and Green business models

#mainstreamheating #mainstreamcooling

Format: On stage discussion
12:20 -13:00 0:40min

How to surf the renovation wave?

Format: On stage discussion
13:00 -14:30 1:30min

Business Lunch

14:30 -14:50 0:20min

Together for a cooler planet – Happy 20th anniversary!

Format: Video
14:50 -15:30 0:40min

How to be more “gridful”: envisioning Europe’s electric grid

Format: On stage discussion
15:30 -16:00 0:30min

How to innovate in urban ecosystems: central / decentral solutions in cities?

#energytransition #energycities

Format: On stage discussion
16:00 -16:30 0:30min

Coffee break

16:30 -17:00 0:30min

How to speak Heat Pumps in the energy transition

#customeractivation #simplify #CleanEnergy4all #gamification

Format: On stage discussion
17:00 -18:30 1:30min

Heat Pump City of the Year Award and Aperitif

18:30 -21:30 3h

Gala Dinner

09:00 -09:30 0:30min

Welcome coffee

09:30 -10:15 0:45min

The day when companies start selling comfort instead of products

#buildings #heatpumpsascommodity

Format: On stage discussion
10:15 -11:00 0:45min

How small data outgrew the big data: Finding the gems in the ocean

#sectorintegration #climatezones #hpapplications


Format: On stage discussion
11:00 -11:30 0:30min

Coffee break

11:30 -12:15 0:45min

How to move away from the camp fire: Building a more inclusive heating and cooling community

Format: On stage discussion
12:15 -12:45 0:30min

The story goes on – From sector integration to circular economy: what’s next: circular integration ?

Format: On stage discussion
12:45 -13:45 1h

Business lunch

13:45 -14:30 0:45min

Parallel sessions:

1. Statistics

2. F-Gas

3. Innovative Heat Pump Applications

Format: On stage discussion

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